Hong Kong Association for the United States InternationalLasting Makeup Communication agency was founded in 2008, in more than 10 years of time the company fully to the technical level as the development of capital, adhering to the "fine, fashion, art, quality and responsibility" concept of plastic beauty. The aesthetics and embroidery technology fully integrated, fully into the advanced personalized "private custom, mind and body beautification" era, the formation of "enjoy the new product" of the modern embroidery service model. Years of actual combat and continuous learning, specialized research is the United States tattoo embroidery team brought together from Germany, France, South Korea, Japan, new and spread to Taiwan and other places of the length of tattoo embroidery technology, for the United States to achieve the highest level of embroidery technology Service commitment.


    Hong Kong Association for the United States InternationalLasting makeup communication agency to tattoo embroidery services, technical training, project cooperation, chain to join as one, for plastic hospitals, medical beauty clinics, high-end nail stores, beauty salons, beauty salon institutions, beauty colleges and so on to provide high-quality embroidery technical services, and successfully establish market awareness, Years of market precipitation and efforts have been deeply rooted in the customer center and the industry. Hong Kong to the United States international lasting makeup will become the field of embroidery to establish a new benchmark, the full effort to bring tattoo technology into another new era.