Tattoo eyebrows Lip, your eyebrows exposed your momentum?

- 2017-11-16-

As the saying goes, men look at the nose girl to see eyebrows. It means that women's eyebrows hide a lot of mystery, which contains the career journey and emotional luck. One of the claims is that the height of the eyebrow determines the movement of people, if the woman's eyebrow is too low, then the prime number of luck will receive an impact. But if eyebrow is too high, it is not necessarily very good, because being too far-fetched can make a woman overworked.


Highlights of the phase method of eyebrows

"The idol of the whole" on the eyebrow "husband Eyebrow, Mei also." For the two mesh of the canopy, one side of the instrument, and the purpose of the Anglo-Yin, the Lord and the Fool's argument also. ”

Acrobatics think eyebrow as the gall of the seedlings, is the "Yasuhisa officer", but also the main brother of the matter, but also think the eyebrow for the monarch, the goal is the minister, it can be a person's personality, life span, good fool, noble symbol.

Eyebrow phase method, is a look at the thick and thin, two see miscellaneous, three look at the eyebrow shape.

Generally speaking, eyebrows should be long, ibis, Yi Qing, shape suitable bend. Long life high, show Fu Lu, Qing is intelligent, bend is good clean, eyebrow bogey short, avoid scattered, bogey miscellaneous. Short is poor, scattered is lonely, miscellaneous is vulgar.


Eyebrows-a mirror of health, emotion, fortune, Career!


Browis the main body, contains the foundation of career and feelings, should avoid a heavy lump, will press luck, should also avoid from the lower eyebrow frame until the monotonous line of the upper eyebrow frame, will lack the opportunity to hair. The treatment of brows should follow the principle of "two or two birth and three or three life in a lifetime", which is three levels vertically.

• The first level has the power of the gradual back tilt evenly juxtaposed to the eyebrow of the straight line composition, to reflect the vitality of the positive.

• The second level with the arc strip gradually after the tilt of the uniform arrangement over the eyebrow, so that the eyebrows have a three-dimensional convex effect, to reflect the soft negative.

• The third level of each line, bent straight up, reflecting the variables.


EyebrowEmbodying the highest probability of life, not less than the original eyebrow, will reduce the number of luck prime numbers, also do not be higher than Huaring, too far-fetched tired, so that even if the opening fluttering eyebrows, should not be eyebrow too high.


Eyebrow TailPlay to undertake the role of carrying, not suddenly thinning and sagging, do not lose the good luck in front of. The eyebrow tail also requires a three-level arrangement.


The whole eyebrow has leaks, breaks, must be filled in place, to avoid leaking wealth or affect emotional life.


The embellishment of eyebrows needs to start from aesthetics and learning in both directions, so that consumers can get beautiful and get good luck!


Take a closer look at the four-word sutra to fill your momentum!

"Eyebrows & amp; Momentum four word sutra"

Eyebrow broken financial break, eyebrows scattered wealth;

Eyebrow empty, eyebrows lack of wealth to go;

Lack of costly, lower injury;

The noble line is missing, the isolation is helpless;

Eyebrows high haughty, eyebrows low deceived;

Eyebrow Red amiable, eyebrow blue hurt oneself;

Eyebrow but box, rich not long;

Eyebrows rose with strong momentum.

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