Pre-operative must-read, Korean medical beauty semi-permanent precautions what are there?

- 2017-11-16-

're doingKorean styleMedical Beauty Semi-permanentEyebrows before, in addition to understanding some of the Korean semi-permanent basic information, but also to master some of the pre-operative common sense and precautions. Lest we be excited to do semi-permanent, but there are a lot of uncontrollable factors, resulting in the final effect is not good. Below, the small part of the collation of some do Korean semi-permanent eyebrows before the notes, for your reference.


First, about the design

1) Eyebrow type and age: young women, when doing semi-permanent, can choose some more dynamic eyebrow type, increase the vitality of the face. After the middle-aged lady, in the eyebrow type will be mature, of course, if the facial maintenance is good, or there is a reverse growth of the "Baby Face", you can also try a refreshing eyebrow type.

2) Eyebrow type and identity: The eyebrow type of women in the workplace should pay attention to, not too personal, but also not too steady. Therefore, in communication with the semi-permanent division design, to pay more attention to the details of the grasp; if it is a full-time wife at home, then the principle of design is to make their face softer, more stable, giving people a feeling of easy closeness.

3) Eyebrow type and face shape: inverted triangle type (commonly known as melon face), because of the natural advantages of the face, eyebrow type can choose a more natural, soft style, round face, you can choose bow eyebrow, upward high curvature, can stretch the visual sense of the face; square face, more applicable eyebrow tail has a natural arc of the rising eyebrow, Just to cover up a slightly more serious angle on the face. Long face type, the best choice is straight eyebrows, through the straight eyebrows, from the visual widening of the facial feeling.



Eyebrow design One of the most important point: do not trendy, according to their own actual situation (the most important is based on the face) of the design, avoid too exaggerated, personality of the eyebrow type.


Second, about physique

▷1 suffering from diabetes, heart disease, skin allergy or injury is not easy to heal, as well as too much white blood cells, thrombocytopenia, prolonged coagulation time, skin on the pigment rejection, it is not appropriate to do eyebrow semi-permanent;

▷2 Eyebrow area is like hemangioma, Sebaceous cyst, seborrheic dermatitis and other lesions, or the face has a more serious hair follicle inflammation of people;

▷3 is allergic to makeup products such as semi-permanent coloring materials, as well as people with scar physique;

▷4 Congenital or acquired blepharoptosis, prone to postoperative eyebrow deformation, so it is not recommended to do eyebrow pattern embroidery;

▷5 female Stage Three (menstrual period, pregnancy, lactation) is not suitable for semi-permanent eyebrows.


Third, understand the late repair

1, do semi-permanent eyebrows may appear redness, hot pain and other conditions, most of the cases this is normal, redness and swelling will be eliminated in a day or two. Pain usually fades on the same day or the next day. However, if there is a situation above, please contact your semi-permanent division to confirm if there is a problem and try not to solve it yourself at will.


2, semi-permanent eyebrows after the recovery period will be scab, this time the eyebrows color is relatively deep, the general eyebrow type is also relatively thick. Over time, the scab will gradually fall off, when the eyebrows are mottled. You have to do it for 7 days without a thrush. Of course, in order to long-term beauty, so a little time to endure on the past.



3, after the scab may be part of the eyebrows discoloration serious, leaving a small color of the situation, that is, here is missing a piece of the situation there is missing a piece of the condition, this is normal. Each person's skin is different, semi-permanent division in the tattoo of the eyebrow can not completely accurately judge the final color situation. So semi-permanent basically will have a complement.



from doingMedical BeautySemi-PermanentThat day is about 28 days before the final effect of the semi-permanent tattoo will appear, and then find your semi-permanent application to give you a complement. Of course, there are times to be based on the color of the situation, generally left color is very good case, there is no need to complement each other!