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- 2017-11-14-

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Thick pores? Dull? Acne prints? Black?
Want to say bought so many skin care products, how is it useless?

Say a good day a mask, how still so rough?

Looking at his thick pores, strawberry-like nose, orange face ... Now is not this state!!


Do you know why this is?! That's because you didn't do MTS skin management!!

What is MTS skin management? How does it work?

Micro Needle therapy is also known as micro-needle therapy Beauty (microneedle therapy System MTS). Micro needle therapy is the use of natural methods to stimulate bone collagen hyperplasia, without destroying the skin epidermis, so as to awaken and enhance the regeneration function of the skin. Micro needle therapy helps to dilute wrinkles and pigmentation, improve skin texture, mix skin tone and increase skin elasticity, so that you are bright, return to youth.


Comparison of micro needle therapy with traditional beauty methods:

In general, the active nutrient can only penetrate into the barrier layer of the epidermis (that is, the cuticle), the effect is not significant (only about 0.3% of the results). In order to solve this problem, scientists have developed a micro-needle beauty after numerous studies. This cosmetic method can effectively improve the penetration ability of nutrients, penetrate the skin epidermis and dermis cells, the effect is particularly significant, is a new breakthrough in the care technology of feed and transportation.


Furthermore, the micro-needle beauty stimulates the dermis wound self-healing ability, thus stimulates the skin, promotes the bone collagen hyperplasia, can make the skin epidermis thickness hyperplasia about 8%, its effect can be comparable to the laser and the filling type plastic surgery. And the side effects of micro-needle technology are extremely, safe and reliable, is the best anti-aging care therapy.


"Micro needle treatment in different ranges"

First, the use of 1.5mm micro-needle massage stick penetrating to the dermis, by stimulating the skin's natural wound healing ability, induce the natural hyperplasia of collagen. For the decrease of wrinkles has a significant effect. Can also decrease the stretch marks and general scars and so on.

Scope of use: reduce wrinkles, induce collagen hyperplasia, treatment of honeycomb tissue, skin thickness problems, tighten and enhance facial skin tissue, improve body and facial lines, treatment of scars and stretch marks, etc.

Second, the use of 0.5mm micro-needles in the epidermis to create a number of microscopic channels penetrating cells, the formation of a high-quality nutrient delivery system. Micro needle can make nutrients penetrate into the dermis, in addition to whitening effect, but also to soothe the eyes around the young lines, such as the thinner range of the epidermis, the effect of lasting and reliable.

Scope of Use: Skin whitening, light-reducing spots, improve eye wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags, stimulate collagen hyperplasia, tighten and enhance facial skin tissue.



"Efficacy and characteristics of micro needle therapy"

• Micro Needle therapy utilizes the natural healing ability of the wound, which does not harden the skin or cause the contraction of the skin cells

• Micro Needle therapy beauty can make a lot of fine pipes, so that the active ingredients effectively penetrate into the skin (only five minutes, you can build super 200,000 tiny holes) micro-needle therapy side effects are extremely low (four years since the launch of the product market, there have been no cases of side effects)

・ Micro Needle Therapy micro-needle massager effective, safe and reliable, easy to operate and safe, reasonable price

• Minimally Acupuncture therapy is easy to use after micro-needle treatment, can carry out general outdoor activities, including sunbathing (note: Must be coated with sunscreen products)

• The design of the micro needle therapy is dense, the needle and needle are only 0.3mm apart to achieve the best healing effect of the wound, no product on the market can be comparable

Dedicated to a group of beautiful people, understand the knowledge of beauty makeup, I wish you have a healthy beauty of the skin.