Tattoo embroidery is what, professional embroidery training where there is

- 2017-11-14-

Tattoo EmbroideryWhat is itProfessionalTattoo EmbroideryTrainingWhere is it? Which tattoo embroidery technology is the most professional? What is a professional embroidery technical team?

Tattoo embroidery is not only a highly technical work, at the same time it is also a creation of beautiful art, it not only requires technical personnel to have a certain aesthetic point of view and well-trained makeup skills, but also need to have a certain medical common sense and strict sense of disinfection. The application of tattoo and embroidery beauty technology is mainly manifested in the aspects of tattoo eyebrow, tattoo eyeliner, tattoo lip and so on. Its fundamental purpose is in the eyebrows, eyes, lips on the basis of the use of modern beauty means to form its long-term non-fading eyebrow type, eye type, lip type, to the advantages and disadvantages, decorative beautification, to create an ideal eyebrow, eye, lip shape, in order to enhance the local aesthetic and the overall beauty of the face.

Tattoo EmbroideryThe scope   
Beauty tattoo contains tattoos, hairline, eyebrows, eyes, lips, nose shadow and so on in full accordance with the aesthetic principles to guide the creation, its color, area, tattoo parts are relatively constant, pay attention to nature, harmony, the main purpose is to make up for the shortcomings or modify and improve the beauty of appearance, and tattoos are an artistic behavior, its meaning is diversified, For example, personal beliefs or beliefs, racial screening, the embodiment of personal charm, outstanding personality.

Tattoo EmbroideryThe security   
First, is the quality of tattoo embroidery beauty, to be able to harmless to the human body, not easy to cause allergic reactions, chemical properties are more stable.
Second, is in the tattoo embroidery process to do a good job of disinfection work, can not cause the infection inflammation and cause the spread of disease.
Third, it can not cause great damage to the human body; only under the premise of safety guarantee, the creative meaning of tattoo embroidery beauty can be manifested. Late to pay attention to nursing repair, such as repair is not in place, there is the possibility of infection and other problems, affecting the later effect.

Tattoo EmbroideryConsiderations for   
1. Tattoo Embroidery Note color blending: tattoo embroidery According to hair color, skin color, eyeball color, age, occupation of the corresponding color;
2. Tattoo Embroidery Note shape design: tattoo embroidery According to face shape, occupation, character, natural conditions to design a pair of successful eyebrows;
3. Tattoo Embroidery Notes Embroidery teacher professional degree: Tattoo embroidery Teacher's technical requirements are strict, from the tattoo of the vegetable density and strength, the combination of wrist force, with the growth direction of natural eyebrows a root pattern embroidery, emphasis on stereoscopic effect, with a sense of reality and space;

Tattoo embroidery is a kind of beauty service directly to people, is a living face, not a model. Academic unprofessional is not only to their own responsibility, but also to the operation of the person is not responsible. So the newTattoo Embroidery ArtistWe learn theoretical knowledge, remember not to be sloppy. As a beauty technology, the requirement of professional theoretical knowledge must be well aware. Choosing a good embroidery training institution is helpful to our study.

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