Semi-permanent embroidery artist had to look

- 2018-11-26-

For novice embroidery Artist for the eyebrow type has always been bothering them the first problem, because the eyebrow design is not good, let you master a lot of operation skills are useless. For a novice embroidery artist, the thrush type is a difficult thing to do. So in addition to the eyebrow design of this difficult problem, embroidery artists will encounter what problems? After the operation of the eyebrows than the previous painted eyebrows thick, crooked, asymmetric, which will often let the tattoo embroidery teacher confused unceasingly, let the customer angry unceasingly

1: The skin is too tight
We all know to tighten the skin when operating eyebrows, so that on the one hand is to better operate, on the one hand will make eyebrows color more natural. But many heraldry (especially the novice embroidery artist) in order to avoid the problem of the color of eyebrows, hard to tighten the customer's skin, so that not only customers in the entire operation process will feel uncomfortable, but also let the customer eyebrows color uneven.
Suggestion: The tattoo embroidery teacher in the course of operation gently taut the customer's skin on it, should not be too hard.

2: Always want to be the most perfect
We all know that in the process of tattoo embroidery is to do while the side to see, so to avoid the eyebrows to do asymmetric, do crooked and so on. Many heraldry also do this, while doing side observation, where the lack of mending where, until the end of the operation to find that their eyebrows and their original design of the eyebrow shape is completely different.

Suggestion: Embroidery Artists in the process of operation is strictly in accordance with their original painting good eyebrow shape to operate, try not to exceed the eyebrow shape of the border.
3: Design eyebrow line is too long
In order to pursue the sense of drift, the lines are drawn too long. The natural growth of women's eyebrows is not long, I think, the line is long, an unnatural, artificial traces obvious, the longer the line, the more difficult to grasp the direction, the more difficult between the line and the line to do a uniform arrangement, the eyebrows on both sides is difficult to achieve symmetry and consistency.

Suggestion: Tattoo Embroidery Line is a supplement to the self-raw eyebrows, not a substitute, therefore, the length of the line should be matched with the original eyebrows, so that the harmony is not shape.
4, too dead staring at the design process
Pay too much attention to the operation process, the eyes are only fixed on the operation, an buried head can not stop, do crooked their own did not pay attention.

Suggestion: When you look at the edges and compare them, you deviate from the design or when there are other problems
will be found in the first place, can be corrected in a timely manner.
Many people think that tattoo is not difficult, but the real introduction will find that there are too many problems encountered, if all on their own to ponder, understanding, the phase will take a lot of time, if you encounter any problems in the process of tattoo embroidery can bring your problems to the United States international, here to bring together the top teachers and industry enthusiasts, We learn from each other.