How much money can you save by being a doctor and a half permanent?

- 2017-11-16-

Make aMedical BeautySemi-Permanent, how much money can you save?

You only know, do a Korean semi-permanent, thousands of dollars the least.

But what you don't know is that every time you have a good hundreds of mask, eyeliner cream, eyebrow pen, eyebrow powder, eyebrow dyeing cream, water, lotion, essence ... One months down has been more than a Korean semi-permanent thousands of dollars, and still repeat every month, one months has been so, that year? What about two years? What about three years? ....

You, have you figured it out?



Korean styleMedical BeautySemi-Permanentis makeup expensive?

▷ 365 days a year, if you wear makeup every day, then need to draw eyebrows 730 times, draw eyeliner 730 times, give eyebrows makeup once it takes 5 minutes, draw eyeliner once takes 5 minutes (this also refers only to the number of successful painting and the time it takes), makeup remover once takes 10 minutes, such a year, The most basic time spent on makeup is 7,300 minutes.

▷ Well, even if you don't make up every day, then we get rid of 2000 minutes, that's still 5,300 minutes. However, to do Korean makeup, you can omit the time for 4,000 minutes. If this saves up to 4,000 minutes, to supplement each sleep time, 10 minutes at a time, there are 400 times, in a full year, as long as the Korean makeup, every day can sleep a lazy sleep!

▷ if it is every day makeup that always need cosmetics! What eyebrow pen, eyeliner, lipstick, lipstick, makeup remover and so on. There are mirrors, cotton swabs, makeup remover cotton and a series of auxiliary supplies.

▷ a eyebrow pen or eyeliner, the service life of up to 3 months! And according to the use of the frequency to calculate, a eyebrow pen or eyeliner is basically 1.5 months bar! Here we barely estimate it to be 2 months. That means you'll need to buy at least 6 eyebrow pen, eyeliner and other makeup remover items over a period of 365 days a year, and you should not be less than 500RMB per purchase of these items.

▷ will settle the scores of girls, I believe that every time you buy cosmetics when the pain want to chop hands, but then how, cosmetics and then expensive, that also have to buy AH. A year down, the money that hits cosmetics is thousands of better. 3 years down is nearly million dollars of money.

And a Korean semi-permanent makeup eyebrows can be maintained for 1-2 years, save eyebrow Pen 3000 yuan, a Korean set makeup eyeliner can be maintained for 3-5 years, can save 5000 yuan, a Korean makeup lip can be maintained for 2-3 years, can save 3400 yuan. Careful calculation, a few years down to buy cosmetics need to spend a lot of money, and Korean set makeup can help you save a province.

Through the above detailed calculation, a Korean semi-permanent makeup, how can also help you save thousands of to tens of thousands of yuan of funds, see here, you are not heartwarming!




▪ women have to be nice to themselves, don't always want to wait for money to come to beauty, your husband did not wait for money to smoke again.

▪ Women's sorrow: Life is the kitchen, income is the mall, money is makeup, property is not, the results are the boss, the body is a man, only wrinkles and color spots are their own.

▪ how much is a woman's face worth? The price of a woman's face. Liancheng


▷ from a biological point of view, women attract men because women are beautiful and sexy enough to attract men, and then fall in love, marry, and have children, so that human beings can continue. Based on this, a woman's face is all she has. Some romance, abuse TV series may have appeared such a scene: A woman because of being disfigured, she thought of death, to make a self-ending, its tragedy let the audience all tears. Although there is an exaggeration of art, this is a profound illustration of a beautiful face, the importance to women ——— can be greater than life.

Fan's face, as long as a slight injury, can be lost hundreds of millions


▷ beautiful woman is a man's face, you give men face, back home man to you. Non-maintenance of the woman is no future and future, to their own stingy woman, youth will also be stingy to you!

What you have is a state 5-10 years younger than your peers, and you can't change how much money you can. Enough to create more value for the body, it is worthwhile to spend the money.


So, don't feel like a Korean-styleMedical BeautySemi-PermanentExpensive, but you think your face is cheap ~