Learn the eyebrows and lips to the United States

- 2017-12-04-

Amy's heart, everyone, have you ever thought about your beauty makeup as a career, there is a stage for success, see if you are willing to participate.

◆Hong Kong, the United States and the United States ◆

Hong Kong's International Beauty and Perseverance Communication Agency was established in 1998. Over the past 10 years, Hong Kong's International Beauty and Perseverance Communication Agency has made its efforts to regard the technical level as the development capital, adhering to the "fine, fashion, art, quality, responsibility". Plastic beauty concept. The perfect combination of aesthetics and tattoo technology has entered the era of high-level personalized “private customization, body and body beautification”, forming a modern tattoo service model of “exclusive quality”. Years of actual combat and continuous learning and research, the American Tattoo team brings together the lengths of tattoo technology from Germany, France, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, and achieves the highest for the beauty. Tattoo technology service commitment.

◆Founder ◆

◆Master team ◆

Since its inception, the company has continuously absorbed the top elites in the industry, constantly expanding the quality of team teachers and works, and constantly innovating the reputation and integrity of the company in the industry. These teachers do not receive various industry awards, including various awards in the industry. Going abroad for further study, as well as various trophy titles at home and abroad, they are also the central blood of the United States.


Let's take a look at our training process.


first day

First of all, the students’ names, orderly admission

Then there is the wonderful opening ceremony.

There is also a wonderful dance performance prepared by the teacher.

After the atmosphere is live, our class begins~~~~


Senior Technical Executive Director - Teacher He gave us a class...

The beauty teacher taught me to start with the basic eyebrow


the next day

Line eyebrow

The teacher vividly explained, the students absorbed seriously

All one-on-one teaching, hands-on teaching, not afraid to learn, all teachers are very serious, very responsible, very careful, sincere thanks


Third day

Eyeliner and lip

Real model explanation

The students are in the process of mutual training, all of them are in full swing and full of passion.


Fourth day

Shen Mei, the founder of the brand of the United States International, manipulated the eyeliner and lips of the real model.

At night, the small party, the students are versatile, everyone is very happy


Fifth day

Real people practice, the students practiced eyebrows and lips on the model face under the guidance of the teacher.

My first work is completed, five days and four nights of learning results

◆ Individual winners ◆

◆Winning team ◆

◆ We graduated! ! !


[One payment, free recurrent training for life] Not afraid to learn, as long as you think, you will definitely
5680 Each period of study five days and four nights of secret training, free delivery of a set of products, [distribution products include eyebrow color milk, hand pen, arc needle, flat fog eyebrow needle, pin header, single needle, eyebrow stabilizer Eyeliner color milk, lip color milk, lip stabilizer, lip and lip lip polishing machine, exercise skin, book, eyebrow pencil, repair agent, do not push products in the middle, do not push to join the brand, pure teaching technology. These products can be operated back to 50~100 guests.
1. History of the development of ornamentation
2, eyebrow design, semi-permanent dream feather carving eyebrows, dream wool yarn mist eyebrows, silk fog eyebrows, powder eyebrows, seaweed eyebrows, eyebrow color selection, real people practice methods and operation procedures, precautions and disease prevention and Processing (zero basis can be learned, one will be a meeting)
3, semi-permanent peach blossom eyes, three-dimensional eyelash line, beauty line, different eye type eyeliner design, and operation process, color selection, real human practice methods and disease prevention and treatment. (zero basis can be learned, one will be a meeting)
4, semi-permanent water, such as peach lip, crystal lip, lip design principle, color matching, black lips and black lips, lip operation and real person application stabilizer taboo, lip real operation process and disease prevention and prevention Processing methods, etc. (zero basis can be learned, one will be a meeting)

5, stationing surgery, pregnancy and eyelash surgery, speed eyebrow surgery, areola, private, hairline operation procedures and precautions.
6, communication and communication skills and sales skills
7. Design of the simulation hairline and precautions for the operation process
8, how to modify the failed eyebrows and lips, and how to deal with it.
9, real people practice using group system, zero basis, theory and practice combined, each period has 15 to 20 senior teachers to teach, professional teachers to teach you.

One-on-one tutoring is provided to help students better master semi-permanent basic knowledge and operational skills.

Let you quickly become a professional-level tattoo artist, learn to graduate and issue a tattoo art certificate.