Huizhou first batch of tattoo embroidery Teacher's certificate opened the exam

- 2017-12-12-

Huizhou First BatchTattoo Embroidery ArtistThe certificate opened the exam ...

Outside the outside! The evidence has been proved.
We can finally be worthy of our name.
Huizhou first batch of countries recognizedTattoo Embroidery ArtistThe certificate began to accept the registration.
First Instalment limit 50 members
Want to prove the peer speed registration OH

Ministry of Education China Adult Education Association, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Labor Science Research Institute joint Project Research and Development-"Professional competency Certificate" Embroidery artist National Training Assessment notice

The "Professional Competency Certificate" project of the United States industry is composed of the Labor Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Human Resources and social security, the Adult Education Association of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and Yuehua culture to jointly develop the American Industry Training technology system, with the authority and credibility of the Among them, the United States industry "professional Competency Certificate" project includes: Beauty, hairdressing, makeup, modeling, manicure, tattoo embroidery six items.

★ Huizhou First batch of national recognition of the tattoo and embroidery certificate Research
★ Registration Time: December 12, 2017 to start accepting registration
★ Place of registration: institutions, schools, organizations, etc., with licensing
★ Registration Requirements: Complete the training and pass the assessment of the trainees, in the "Professional Competency Certificate" official registration platform, as required to submit their own personal data
★ Training Location: (all provinces of the country) Yuehua culture designated training points

Huizhou's only registration point: Hong Kong to the United States international
Address: 1202, block B, Kempinski Hotel Huicheng District Jiangbei

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