International technical team of the United States

- 2017-12-06-

Our technical Team

▷ Shen Shan to the teacher

Shen Shanyi, founder of Zen 3D Feather sculpture, has served as executive director of Seoul High-end decorative art communication agency; Executive director, China Market, he zhongyi arts education institution; and executive director of the founder of the International Enduring makeup communication agency in Hong Kong. As a multi-boundary domestic decoration competition Judge/judge long set of more than 10 years of medical beauty practice and attainments, wrote a classic textbook "Decorative silk painting Art" by the beauty industry colleagues unanimously praised, its students throughout the world in many countries and regions.
Shen Teacher to the Oriental aesthetic concept has a deep attainments, is China and South Korea decorative fashion leader. Shen Teacher once said, elegant woman is not just gorgeous appearance, luxury life, but in the smile Room, raise hands, a look but let people feel is a pleasing scenery, elegant style is between the lady and the mature woman of a comprehensive style, elegant basic requirements are to have connotations at the same time, but also external expensive, Both internal and external repair is likely to gain the ultimate elegance. The art of embroidery through the perfect collocation of eyebrows lips, superb craftsmanship, re-endowed the energy to achieve the beauty of harmony, in order to reach the elegant temperament of the distribution, to achieve true elegance of the United States. Elegant and expensive women are as free as poetry, such as songs, picturesque ...

▷ He Xiaoyong Teacher

International executive Director, Hong Kong, United States
Asia Pacific Decoration Contest China District expert judge
Chinese and Korean decorative contest China District expert judge
Champion of Chinese decorative masters all-around competition
International Shape Makeup Business School Ace Broker
Embroidery American China Oscar most market satisfaction tattoo embroidery Famous teacher

He Xiaoyong (kily) teacher, Chinese senior tattoo embroidery master, engaged in the tattoo embroidery industry has been more than more than 10 years, many years of hard work and experience not only let his professional technology more skilled, but also expanded their own tattoo embroidery career, from the hospital graduated he is good at the shape of the eyebrows, color, rhyme, micro-shaping, facial rejuvenation and other technologies perfect combination Not only won the industry and customers unanimously recognized, but also received television stations, tattoo embroidery teachers Network, such as a number of authoritative, professional media interview reports, and its team to become a shining star in the industry.

▷ Linan Teacher

Korean cashmere eyebrow Invisible Beauty makeup Expert
China-ROK beauty contest Decoration Design Group champion
Special judges of decorative Art Exchange Center
Member of Asia Pacific Special Zone, World embroidery Art Exchange organization
Chief Technology Tutor, International Association of Hong Kong and the United States

A cigarette, a drawing board, walk the horizon. This is an early portrayal of Linan teacher, Linan teacher came from a military family, by the influence of small family environment, formed her steel Yi firm character, interested in their own things will be unswerving obsession, and will play to the fullest, such as her pursuit of the art of the United States ...
Because from an early age on the aesthetic sense of things unique acumen, more than 10 years ago she chose the decoration industry, the early career, she worshipped in the industry, the essence of the master of all factions, and through their own years of understanding, and gradually formed exclusive to her style of art-Linan Wind
A delicate face is like a song ancient singing, eyebrows and eyes are inside the words and music, Linan teacher can always paint the most beautiful words and the most soulful music on your face, sing your life!

Li Nan-a modern craftsman who has always adhered to the decorative beauty industry

▷ Xu Yanping Teacher

2009 National Vocational College Skills competition won the best Eyebrow design champion
2012 Guangdong Province Youth Cup skill contest decoration runner-up
2015 China Decoration Technology Exchange Association southern Chinese Tutor
2016 China-rok Decoration Exchange One of the representatives of the Chinese team
International technical director, Hong Kong, United States
Lecturer, eyebrow design, Huiyuan American Business School

Mr. Xu Yanping graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangdong province. She has almost harsh character requirements for aesthetics, art, good at eyebrow design, years of experience, the achievement of her unique style of work, by her pen's dream feather carving eyebrow reputation industry. For teaching, she asked her students to pursue the pursuit of art must follow the "ancient" "Spirit", "Essence", "strange" evolution process, art can not deliberately imitate, and finally must have their own style. For every piece of work on a customer's face, she is meticulously crafted, from design to styling are tailor-made, requiring each piece of work to be unique. Due to her high pursuit of art attitude, she is deeply loved by the vast number of customers and friends.
Xu Yanping ——— The decorative artist around you

▷ Shahi Teacher

Elite Embroidery Artist of international Chinese decoration list
Won the "Best Image Tutor Award" of the organizing Committee of China International Image Association
Provincial standard decoration expert Advisor member
Korean Open velvet yarn eyebrow invisible Beauty Makeup Expert
Hong Kong United States International Senior Tattoo Embroidery Division

Shahi teacher into the beautiful world of decorations, she felt that this is a cause to bring lasting beauty, through the tattoo can enhance people's beauty and self-confidence. The teacher will be deep artistic accomplishment and rich embroidery experience, guided by the knowledge of human aesthetics, based on the concept of medicine, ten years of honing has made Shahi teacher become a leader in the field of eyebrows lip art.
She will be a deep beauty of makeup and embroidery art perfect combination, with superb technology for customers to customize the semi-lasting makeup, and especially selected in the Asian Tattoo Celebrity Dictionary.

▷ Li Che Center Teacher

Oscar-Embroidered Masters Award
Asian Tattoo Embroidery Network recommended tattoo embroidery artist
Hong Kong International beauty makeup Embroidery Artist
Excellent instructor, International Business School, Hong Kong
Personal color Science Private custom image Designer

COCO, senior embroidery artist, from an early age love image design and makeup modeling art, specializing in art embroidery work for five years, good at the eyebrow, eye and lip parts of a molding operation. has worked in Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other well-known beauty salons, plastic hospitals, the face easy to learn and medical aesthetics have a unique, her tattooed eyebrow embroidered eyebrows fully take into account the beauty of the United States, contour frame and skin characteristics, eyebrow design to vivid and natural as the goal. In the plastic hospital work, many times for fashion talent, network red model has carried out artistic tattoo embroidery, its tattoo embroidery skills by the beauty of the trust and love.

▷ Su Tingting, teacher son.

Scheduled Chinese decoration elite list decoration artist
Member of Southeast Asia Decoration Technology Exchange Association
Won the Korean Skin manager certificate
2015 China health Decoration Beautician skill Contest Champion
Hong Kong International Technical Association of the United States

Su Tingting has a gift for beauty since he was a child. As a result of advocating the United States, 2009 long to Han Chinese studies skin management, after two years of further study, aesthetic awareness of the deeper bone marrow, and thus obtained the Korean Skin Manager qualification certificate.
Engaged in the United States industry for nearly ten years of artistic career, her works throughout the province and beyond. Over the years Su Tingting teachers in the decorative beauty road continue to explore, superb technology by the customer friends of the heartfelt praise. As a eyebrows lip artist, a senior expert in facial skin management, Su Tingting teacher knows that beauty is introverted and exquisite, where she has been modified by the face of graceful, dignified, intellectual, elegant, she can always put the most suitable eyebrow type seal into your face.
Su Tingting--a decorative artist who knows the beauty of nature