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- 2017-12-04-

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Hong Kong to the United States International enduring makeup Communication Agency was founded in 1998, in more than 10 years of time, Hong Kong to the United States International enduring makeup Communication agency to make the technical level as the development of capital, adhering to the "fine, fashion, art, quality, responsibility," the concept of plastic beauty. The perfect blend of aesthetics and embroidery technology, fully into the advanced personalized "private customization, physical and mental beautification" era, the formation of "exclusive boutique" modern embroidery service model. Years of actual combat and continuous learning, specialized research is the United States tattoo embroidery team brought together from Germany, France, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, China and other places of the length of embroidery technology, for the United States to achieve the highest current embroidery technical service commitment.

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Since its inception, the United States has continued to absorb the industry's top elite, and constantly expand the quality of team teachers and works, in order to continuously innovate the reputation and integrity of the United States International in the industry, these teachers do not receive various industry awards, including various awards in the industry, further study abroad, as well as various types of trophy titles at home and abroad, They are also the central blood of the International Association of the United States.

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Since the establishment of the branch in Huizhou, as of 2015, there have been more than 300 beauty agencies and the United States international close cooperation, which not only proves that the United States international technology in place, but also shows that the United States international and beauty agencies to cooperate with the perfect system.

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