I'm in the five days and four nights of the United States International.

- 2017-12-04-


Learn eyebrows lips--toInternational Association of the United States


A new embroidery student in the United States international study five days and four nights

Hello, everyone! My name is Tan Jing, an American industry enthusiast, a long time ago have wanted to learn the idea of tattoo embroidery, has been uncertain about the reason is not knowing where to learn well, after a long period of understanding and inspection, I finally chose to enter the United States International.   Do not chat, set out to participate in the United States international five days and four nights of systematic learning! The United States-I'm coming.

It's dusk to get to Huizhou, and the United States International is located in this building.

Instant feeling--tall on the

First day of class

Guys, look where I am.

Pre-class teacher team culture showcase the comprehensive literacy leverage of the members of the United States team

Senior Technical executive Director-Mr. He taught us in class,

Sneak a glance at two eyes: the teacher is handsome

The beauty teacher taught me to start by painting the underlying eyebrow type.

The next day to learn the line eyebrow look, the small friends are very serious in class OH

Just went to kindergarten teacher to educate me, class to listen attentively, this good habit has been with me to grow up, look at the blue arrow on the right of me, there is a picture of the truth

All one-on-one teaching, hand teaching, not afraid of learning will not oh, all the teachers are very serious, very responsible, very careful teaching, heartfelt thanks

The third day eyeliner and lip

Live model explanation

Handsome + teacher

The girl who studies hard is the most beautiful

     Students in the mutual practice, all are hot, full of passion

On the fourth day, the founder of the United States international brand Shen teacher on-site operation of the live model's eyeliner and lips.

Well, the legendary goddess.

A close-up, goddess Meimei.

Evening small party, students are versatile, we are very happy, to the performance of the students to praise

The fifth day of real practice, students under the guidance of the teacher in the model face of the actual eyebrows lip

I'm looking forward to my first piece.

My first work is done, five days and four nights of learning, well, I'm a little fluttering right now.

Haha, take the prize, unexpectedly is the champion! Champion! Champion! Thanks to the teachers for their hard work, thank you!

We graduated.

Learn eyebrows lips--toInternational Association of the United States