American International Tattoo eyebrows LIP customization expert

- 2017-12-04-

▷ Practical Course + Sales skills ◁

Strong to build advancedTattoo Embroidery Artist

Live practice/Bao Co/Lifetime free re-training

▽ Keynote Tutor
Shen Shan, founder of the International Association of the United States,
He Xiaoyong, Technical Executive Director, Ministry of Education

▽ Teaching assistant Team
Xu Yanping, Miss Li Nan, Lisha teacher, Zhou Lo teacher, etc.

▷ International • Brand Strength ◁

The combination of decoration and metaphysics application/Eyebrow structure Analysis/foundation eyebrow pattern Painting

Technical analysis
Semi-permanent cloud line eyebrow/semi-permanent fog silk eyebrow/semi-permanent stereoscopic good luck lip/semi-permanent stealth eyeliner/pink Areola

Decorations Intensive
Hundred Questions and solutions in the field of decorative technology/decomposition of various operational techniques in the decoration industry

▷ Real Practice • Bao Co bag will ◁

▷ five days and four nights of practical training • Permanent free training ◁

"One payment, lifetime free training" not afraid to learn, you can do it if you want.
5680 study for five days and four nights of training in each issue, free distribution of a set of products, "distribution products include eyebrow color milk, hand pen, arc needle, flat mist eyebrow needle, needle, single needle, eyebrow stabilizer, eyeliner color milk, lip color milk, lip stabilizer, lip eye lip full throw machine instrument, practice skin, books, eyebrow pen, repair agent, midway not push the product, Do not push to join the brand, pure teaching technology. These products go back to operate 50~100 guests "
1, the history of the development of decorations
2, eyebrow design, semi-permanent dream feather carving eyebrow, fantasy velvet water mist eyebrow, silk mist eyebrow, pink eyebrow, seaweed eyebrow, ... Eyebrow color selection, real-life practice methods and operating procedures, precautions and disease prevention and treatment (0 Foundation can be learned, one school will be)
3, semi-permanent peach blossom Phantom, stereo ciliary line, beauty pupil line, different eye type eyeliner design, and operation flow, color selection, real practice methods and disease prevention and treatment and so on. (0 Basics can be learned, one school will be)
4, semi-permanent water if the peach blossom Lip, crystal moisturizing lip, lip type design principle, color collocation, change the lip black lip, lip operation and real person to apply stabilizer taboo, lip real practice operation flow and disease prevention and treatment methods. (0 Basics can be learned, one school will be)

5, facial surgery, ciliary surgery, rapid eyebrow surgery, areola, privacy, hairline operation process and matters needing attention.
6, decorative communication and sales skills
7, simulation of the hairline design and operation process considerations
8, how to modify the failure of the eyebrows lip, and treatment methods.
9. Real-Life exercise
The use of grouping system, 0 basis, theory and practice combination, each issue has 15~20 senior teacher teaching, professional teachers hand in hand to teach you. Teacher one-on-one tutoring to help students better master the semi-permanent basic knowledge and operational skills. Let you quickly become a professional embroidery artist, study graduation to issue the technical Certificate of Tattoo Art

Tool Needle Series

Eyebrow Pen Series

Eyebrow Color Milk Series

Lip Color Milk Series

Eye Color Milk Series

Cadet Kit Series

China Decoration Art Research Center

Grain Embroidery & Education

Today, what happened to the embroidery industry?

Tattoo embroidery is three-dimensional and graphic art of the aesthetic display, tattoo embroidery is to make up for the natural shortcomings of shaping exquisite five senses.

Embroidery artist Elegant Art builder, but now everywhere can see the operation of eyebrows, ignoring the safety, disregard for behavior, in the street stalls operation, in the community stall operation, regardless of technical good or bad to make money first, these acts invisibly to the hearts of many beauty lovers cast a shadow.

Simple Tattoo embroidery technology but a variety of patterns, so that people have no choice, defensive. Originally made an eyebrow to make up for the defect to enhance the charm, but do not want to accidentally become a caterpillar.

In recent years, the proportion of tattoo failure cases has been rising, the price of fees from dozens of to tens of thousands of yuan, why the gap is so large? Who the hell messed up the industry? Look at today's tattoo and embroidery market, like the 80 's cattle farm, messy mess. An eyebrow project, there are dozens of names and calls, but to understand, never change, too boastful, exaggerated, resulting in the customer's distrust, long-term, will lead to the decline and demise of the tattoo embroidery industry.

What is education?

Education is a social activity in which knowledge and technical norms are taught in an organized, planned and systematic manner. The fundamental value of education is to train outstanding talents with lofty beliefs, high morals, honest and law-abiding, skilled, knowledgeable, multi-specialized and capable, to cultivate the labor force needed for economic and social development, to train qualified citizens, to create scientific knowledge and material wealth for the country, for the society, to promote economic growth and to promote national prosperity , promote human development and promote world peace and human development.