The great moment of the international witness tattoo and embroidery industry in the United States

- 2017-12-04-

International Association of the United StatesLucky enough to be invited by Yuehua culture to participate in the first Chinese American Culture National Show Exhibition conference organized by China Ministry of Education, Chinese culture and art Ministries, the conference was presided over by the famous CCTV host Shu Junyi, Ouyang Shadan, with an unprecedented lineup. " I am embroidery Regular Army "-the same day by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Education, China Makeup Art Association and other ministries initiated, for the tattoo embroidery industry to make a name for the rules, and witnessed the birth of China's first batch of national recognition of the qualification of the Embroidery division. Two days trip, full harvest. 】

International Association of the United States, the charm of the brand! 】

> Let's go.

> Foshan International Convention Center Exam site

> Yuehua cultural Authorization to enter the United States international as the governing unit

> Hong Kong United States International Delegation team

> I'm the regular army of decorations

> Foshan South Pearl Stadium

The first China American Cultural Exhibition Exhibition Conference was held at the South Pearl Stadium in Foshan, where guests invited to the conference included central leaders, domestic first-line stars, the Chinese Philanthropy Association, Chinese and foreign media friends and decorative American people from all over! The General Assembly site full, warm atmosphere, and jointly witnessed the definitive of the decoration industry, and jointly congratulated the first group of countries to recognize the qualification of the tattoo Embroidery division was born.

> The conference was opened by a lion dance with Lingnan characteristics

> host shining on the stage

The General Assembly officially began, CCTV famous host Ouyang Shadan and CCTV famous host Shu Junyi to the stage for everyone to introduce each of the important guests to attend the conference, and invited the former CPC Central Committee propaganda Department deputy secretary of the old Cadre bureau Secretary Ma Ming and Education Department leader speech.

> Central ministries Leader takes the stage to address the conference

> star performance

The Conference invited a number of domestic first-line stars for the celebration, including Hong Kong and Taiwan famous actor Huang, famous singer Joyce, famous singer Tai and China's first-class singer Dong Wenhua. Star's wonderful interpretation for the conference to bring a Hongda audio-visual feast, the scene of high tide ...

* Joyce *

* Tai *

* Dong Wenhua *

> The end of the Conference

In the host of the embroidery beauty industry People's affectionate blessing in the conference fell to the curtain ...

> get the card.

One of the first Chinese to recognize the qualification of the National embroidery artist-----Hong Kong Association for the United States InternationalDelegation Team