"Association with the United States International" World Tattoo Embroidery Red Contest-Huizhou station

- 2017-12-04-

World Tattoo Embroidery Red Contest-Huizhou station

International Association of the United States• Brand Strength

In the late autumn when the red leaves drift

"World Tattoo and Embroidery Red Contest", sponsored by Hong Kong to the United States international, officially kicks off

Multi-tattoo Embroidery circle in person guide

This is an event in the world of tattoo and embroidery.

It's a tattoo of the embroidery man.

Wrap for yourself and build momentum for yourself

With tattoo embroidery big curry 0 distance ...


December 18, 2017
World Tattoo Embroidery Red Contest-Huizhou station

Kempinski Hotel.

World Tattoo Embroidery Red Contest Reason

The World Tattoo Embroidery Red Contest is made up of "Beauty Shop No. 1th"Organize and initiate, in the major provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the country to join forces with a certain influence of the tattoo embroidery institutions jointly organized by the Tattoo embroidery event, this event will be in the national wind and his balance, become a grand event of the tattoo embroidery industry!"

Contest invitation in the tattoo embroidery industry respected tattoo embroidery to sit on the guide, plasticity is very strong. Finally, the winners of the national divisions will also participate in the ultimate grand final in Beijing, in China to win the first batch of tattooed red man! The first stop of the tattoo red National Games is located in Beijing and has been successfully held.

The second station is in Huizhou, joining forces. "Hong Kong Association for the United States International", sponsored by the United States International Association of Hong Kong! Huizhou's tattoo embroidered family people,December 18Don't miss the embroidery event on our doorstep.


First stop---Beijing Division highlights

Give you a reason to take part in this tournament

A: It's a national embroidery tournament
B: Tattoo Embroidery people not only want technology, but also need packaging

C: National Webcast, maybe there's you in the camera.
D: Learn from the tattoo embroidery, the opportunity is rare

E: Just on the doorstep, the tattoo festival should not be missed
F: What if, in case, accidentally become a tattoo of the red man?

If you can't impress you, please make up the little one, let's have a private chat all night.


Special guests at the event


Organizer: Hong Kong Association and the United States International
We don't see each other ...