United States international Sail set sail

- 2017-12-04-

International Association of the United StatesSet sail, work together to join the United States, win-win cooperation

August 22 by the Hong Kong and the United States international sponsored the "Internet + Decorative Beauty" New mode of the launch of the perfect end, through this conference so that many American merchants, Embroidery Division fully aware of the importance of building a platform for resource integration, the integration of their own sporadic resources to a larger platform, so that they are more time-saving, worry, labor!

Shen Shan, founder of the International brand of the United States of Hong Kong, took the teacher in the meeting to the trend of the industry and how to operate the Internet system to expand customers, locks, stayed and so on to carry out a wonderful exposition, and in view of the tattoo embroidery in the tattoo on the road encountered a deep analysis, deeply recognized by the participants.

Sales Queen Liu Chihu teacher for the embroidery division how to sell their own, how to sell customers, how to sell high prices and so on made a wonderful share, HI move the whole field!
Work together to join the United States, win-win cooperation! Association with the United States international, the charm of the brand!

Shen Shan, founder of ① Hong Kong International brand, opened an opening speech with a teacher

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⑥ to the United States cooperation merchants

New mode in the new era, come on, my friend! We work togetherInternational Association of the United StatesAnd sing with your head on the road to success in the US industry!