"Asian people" interview with the founder of the United States international Shen Shan to: Create a beautiful life of fashion

- 2018-11-25-



In the 2002, Shen Shan first came into contact with the semi-permanent makeup industry, when she made her own eyebrows and found that the effect was not ideal, unnatural and raw, long maintenance time, into the skin level too deep, I came up with an idea: whether it can be based on the color of their own hair and skin, and retain the original eyebrows. As a result, Shen Shan began to read and study semi-permanent related book materials.

Shen Shan to the Oriental aesthetic concept has a deep attainments, is China and South Korea decorative fashion leader. Elegant women, she believes, are not just gorgeous looks and elegant lives, but between smile and raising their hands. From the aesthetic point of view, eyebrows will affect the five senses, play a beautiful and decorative facial contour role, can effectively enhance a person's temperament. The art of embroidery through the perfect collocation of eyebrows lips, superb craftsmanship, re-endowed the energy to achieve the beauty of harmony, in order to reach the elegant temperament of the distribution, to achieve true elegance of the United States. Elegant and expensive women are as free as poetry, such as songs, picturesque.

Hong Kong to the United States International: Ten years of grinding a sword focused on semi-permanent makeup

In the 2008, Shen Shan founded the founding of Hong Kong and the United States, and for a decade has been committed to semi-permanent makeup with Chinese characteristics. She believes that the market on the semi-permanent more than 80% is a foggy presentation, the beginning of the founding of the United States is linear-based; The team combines the embroidery technology of many countries, blending and innovating a set of techniques suitable for oriental female face, five senses have temperament. In addition, to the United States to choose the needle slices more thin and sharp, do a good effect, can effectively reduce the damage to the skin, but also with a linear delicate technique, showing the natural beauty of oriental women.

The international main business of the United States involves medical embroidery, semi-permanent, semi-permanent training courses, embroidery artists, professional embroidery, embroidery instruments, tattoo embroidery and other items, adhering to the "fine, fashion, art, quality and responsibility" of the concept of plastic beauty. The aesthetics and embroidery technology fully integrated, fully into the advanced personalized "private custom, mind and body beautification" era, the formation of "enjoy the new product" of the modern embroidery service model. Supported by the technical training courses of its decorative business school, it provides the whole store output service for technicians and franchise franchisees to help many women realize the beautiful metamorphosis.

Shen Shan to believe that semi-permanent industry mixed, mixed, the technology and quality of the output results are difficult to have a uniform standard, resulting in a lack of trust and security for consumers, consumer complaints without doors, body and mind exhausted. But the market prospect of this industry is broad, but also will form an orderly competition, good development, standard operation, craftsmanship brand industry benchmark.

Shen Shan to say that the United States international not only become the leading brand of the tattoo industry, but also to create a semi-permanent industry women's entrepreneurial platform, the integration of advanced resources, the perfect integration of aesthetics and skills, to create a new benchmark of the tattoo embroidery industry, leading the semi

She further expressed the hope that in the next five years, the United States international will become the domestic semi-permanent industry's top enterprises, support tens of thousands of people to start a business, and be able to realize their dreams in semi-permanent industries. Let every beauty of the consumer, through the United States this platform, convenient to quickly find the most professional, most suitable beauty services. Also let all the technicians, can come to the United States international platform registered to start a business, the United States International for entrepreneurs to provide the most powerful brand support protection.