Education and Training

One ◇ study time

Hold one session per month
Five days and four nights per training session

Two ◇ learning content

The development history of ① decorations

② Eyebrow Design
▪ semi-permanent dream feather carving eyebrow-fantasy velvet water mist eyebrow-Silk mist eyebrow ▪ pink eyebrow, seaweed eyebrow-color selection ▪ Real-life practice method and operation flow, precautions and disease prevention and treatment (0 basic can be learned, a learning session)

③▪ semi-permanent peach blossom Phantom-stereo ciliary line ▪ mei pupil line ▪ different eye type eyeliner design, and operation flow, color selection ▪ Live practice method and disease prevention and treatment. (0 Basics can be learned, one school will be)

④▪ semi-permanent water if the peach blossom lip is the lip type design principle, the color collocation, changes the lip black lip ▪ The lip operation and the real person to apply stabilizer taboo ▪ Lip real practice operation flow and the disease prevention and treatment method and so on. (0 Basics can be learned, one school will be)

The operation flow and matters needing attention of ⑤▪ in the practice of the breast, the procedure of the areola, the privacy of the hairline.

Communication skills and sales techniques for ⑥▪ decorations

Design and operation flow considerations of ⑦▪ simulation hairline

⑧▪ How to modify the failed eyebrows lip, and how to handle it

⑨▪ real-life real exercise

Three ◇ Learning mode

▪ The use of grouping system, 0 Foundation, theory and practice combination, senior teacher teaching, professional teacher one-on-one guidance, to help students better master semi-permanent basic knowledge and operation skills, projection analysis, real model demonstration teaching. Let you quickly become a professional embroidery artist.

Four ◇ Study pictures

Student Classroom Learning

Teacher Projection Analysis

One-on-one teaching

Teacher Practice Teaching

Five ◇ Advantages of our teaching

A. Each teaching teacher is a market doer with more than 5 years of practical experience in the market

B. Provide students with a steady stream of real-life exercises

Six ◇ Students Market practice